I Want To Sell My House Fast In Omaha, Here’s Why?

When you are thinking about selling your house, you hope to see it sold fast! Who wants to go through the long-drawn-out process of getting your house ready to sell? Who wants to keep their house in pristine condition, for what could be several months, for showings to draw top dollar? Who wants to go through the anxiety of the closing process; where you wait for inspections, financial contingencies, and appraisals? If there was a way to skip all that, would you look at that option? Property Bridge Solutions offer’s a way to do just that. We buy houses with cash, as-is and close fast, erasing the stress, anxiety and, burden the traditional home selling process brings.

To get top dollar for your property, you need to fix the problems that exist in your house. That can range from easy and cheap fixes, like new fixtures and paint colors to major repairs such as foundation or water issues that can put a drain on your wallet. That may not be all. Say you do sell you do spend some money and fix up your house so that it is in a condition to sell. Then, you do sell and the buyer wants an inspection of the property. The inspection shows several windows need to be replaced. Not only do they leak air but the inspector saw areas where there is evidence of water intrusion. Now, the buyer wants those windows replaced and, to close on the sale of your house you have no choice but to spend the money to replace the windows. Ouch! The equity you were hoping to have your hands on when you sell is spoken, for now, in windows for the house, you will no longer own when the sale goes through (not to mention the money you already spent on getting your house ready to sell).

The above scenario is all too common. Even myself, I experienced something similar to this when I sold my first house. When my wife and I felt we were growing out of our current home, we decided to sell. We spent upwards of $10,000 to update a bathroom, paint floors and get new carpet installed. Our house was looking good and we felt we could get top dollar for it. So, we called our realtor and he agreed, the house has the potential to get what we are hoping for. In the meantime, we also were looking for a new house to move into (since we felt and were told our house should sell fast). We found our dream house and wanted to put an offer in, so we did. We made the offer contingent on the sale of our house that we just listed with our realtor. We were happy to find out, after intense negotiations with the seller, the sellers accepted our offer contingent on the sale of our house. But, we had to sell within 2 months because the sellers wanted to move by then.

It’s now week 2 of our house on the market and 2 weeks after our offer was accepted. We are starting to get a little nervous. We are stressed out keeping our home in pristine condition, ready for a short notice showing. At the time, we had 2 little kids and a dog who aren’t making our job any easier in that department, but we are getting it done. Early mornings and late nights cleaning and keeping clutter to a minimum, gets old fast! Several showings later and now week 3 of this long process, we finally get an offer. We were ecstatic because it was a full asking price offer with the ability to close within a month, or as soon as possible with the traditional selling process. The buyers wanted an inspection and the bank wanted an appraisal. We were thinking no problem, this will be easy. Let’s start packing!

At this time, we were thinking this process isn’t so bad. We are going to sell this house and move into our new house pretty quickly. Not so fast! So we have the inspection on our house, how bad can it be? I saw the report and a couple of the repairs I saw first were no big deal, I can take care of them I thought. Then, I saw the big-ticket items. The house we are selling needs a new roof but that wasn’t the worst of it. Our house was an older home so the buyers wanted to get our main sewer drain scoped with a camera just to ensure it was intact and had no major issues. Well, guess what? It had major issues and the plumber stated it needs to be replaced. There goes our dream house and a big chunk of cash that we had saved up. The total cost for the repairs was approaching $40,000. I don’t have the money to replace the roof and get a new sewer drain installed. The buyers wanted it done or deal off. So now what?

At this point, what options did we have? Option 1, spend the money that we don’t have to fix the roof and drain. The problem though, we don’t have the money to cover all the costs. Maybe ask for a loan from a friend or family member (ok option 1 may still be viable). Option 2, cancel all deals and stay in our home. The problem though is we still have to fix the roof and drain. Option 3, go bankrupt and make this someone else’s problem and damage our credit for several years to come (this is not a viable option for us). We decided on option 2. We declined to fix our problems which voided our house sale contract and since we didn’t sell our house as stated in our buyer’s contract, that contract is now void too. Back where we started with a nice, up-to-date house, but with major, high-cost repairs that need to be made. Isn’t home ownership fun!
Let’s be honest, what I experienced was a nightmare scenario. It crushed our dreams and made us spend thousands of dollars that we didn’t have. We worked 3 weeks making our house as ready as can be for any showings. We found our dream house and we were planning our future. It all came crashing down so fast. Sell my house fast, nope not for us. I wish I would have looked for option 4. Option 4, sell to a cash home buyer and sell my house fast!

If I would have found option 4 and sold to a company like Property Bridge Solutions, we would be living our dream instead of thinking about what if, like we currently are. I would have lost money selling to them, (because of the repairs needed to our house) but instead of going through that nightmare process, we would be living in our dream home. Property Bridge Solutions would have purchased our house as-is, with cash and the ability to close fast or on our timetable. I ask myself, why didn’t I google “sell my house fast Omaha?”

Today, my goal is to let people know what a cash home buyer, like Property Bridge Solutions, can bring you. This option is not for everyone. It’s an option for people who don’t have the traditional options that are going to work in their favor. It’s an option to familiarize yourself with in case you find yourself in a situation where you want or need to sell your house fast in Omaha, Nebraska!

Martin Morrison

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