The Rent Back Option

Sell To Us and Rent Your House Back

We, at Property Bridge Solutions, have an option for you to sell your house to us for cash. Then, we rent it back to you. Why would someone want to do that? Several reasons come to mind:

  1. Access your equity to pay off bills, fund a start-up or go on a vacation of a lifetime.
  2. You are unable to take care of everyday maintenance issues at your house.
  3. You need a flexible timetable but you need to sell your house. We will give that to you!
  4. Your home needs updating, you don’t want to deal with it. We will take care of it for you!
  5. Renting a house gives you a fixed monthly expense.

Let’s expand on these reasons and why they may be a benefit to you. When you have lived in a house for a long time, equity is built in as you make payments on your mortgage and appreciation of your house grows. When we buy your house, we give you that equity where you can put it towards bills that have been hanging over your head or put it towards your dreams. When you sell to us, you are no longer responsible for the expenses of your house, we are. That gives you the freedom you may have been seeking, to enjoy your life and do something you may have been putting off!

Being a homeowner, you know all the maintenance needed on a daily basis that needs to be done to a house. Sometimes, it can become overbearing. Maybe you reach a point in your life and say, “I don’t want to do this anymore.” We get it and understand where you are coming from. Sell to us and we will take care of those maintenance needs. We will take care of your lawn and landscape. We will take care of your slow sink drains or leaky faucets. We will take care of your broken furnace or AC. And who wants to scoop the snow out of your driveway? Let us do it! Selling your house to us and renting it back gives you relief from the burden of owning your home. So let us take care of your maintenance needs.

Renting your house from us after you sell to us gives you the flexibility you may be looking for. If you decide you want to move on from your house or build, but your next house is not ready, we will be happy to give you a month-to-month lease period. Let us know what your future plans are and we will work with you. We will come up with a plan together to get you out of your house when you are ready and able to.

Homes need updating as we all know. It is easy to put that updating off and tell yourself you will get it later. We understand how easy it is to tell yourself that. By the time you get to it, your home may need to be updated in every room. That does not sound like something a weekend project can handle but rather an overwhelming nightmare. We will buy your house as-is and we do not care what it looks like. When we buy your house and rent it back to you, we will see what needs updating and handle it for you. The best part, we will pay for it-not you!

Being a homeowner over the years, you know that your monthly expense is variable. You may have a fixed income where a major home catastrophe cannot be paid for upfront. That catastrophe may have to wait until you save enough money to cover that expense. The longer you wait, the more expensive it usually gets. No one likes to spend there hard-earned money on necessary repairs around the house. Let us do it. Sell your house to us and rent it back so we handle those unexpected repairs. When renting, you know what your monthly expense is (your rent and utilities, that’s it). If you are on a fixed income, a fixed monthly expense is much easier to budget for. It can be a huge relief for you to know you don’t have to worry about what may break this month or next!

As you can see, selling your house to us and renting it back opens up the door to the freedom you may be seeking. When we buy your house, we will buy it with cash, as-is and close on your timetable. Your offer for your house will be lower than if you were to sell your house the traditional way. The lower offer for your house is why we will buy it as-is and take into count any maintenance/repair issues that need to be addressed. Also, let’s not forget the flexibility we give to your when we buy your house with cash. If you are interested in renting it back, let us know and we will come up with a plan to help you stay in your house for as long as you want. We will come up with a monthly rent payment that is common in the area you live. Sell your house to us and rent it back so you can plan your future and not worry about your home. We got you covered!

Martin Morrison

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