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Marty and Katie are siblings, born and raised in Omaha, NE and love the city they call home. They come from a large family where they know how to get their hands dirty and can listen to others’ needs. They understand how life can throw you curve balls now and then, and you have to have the ability to adjust to what comes your way. Life comes with many blessings but, it also comes with many obstacles. Your ability to get through those obstacles is how you move forward, and we want to assist you with that.

Property Bridge Solutions is a family-owned business located in Omaha, NE. It was founded on the idea to give people a way out of a situation where their options are very limited. Most people have a dream of owning a home, but that dream can become a nightmare when finances get tight, the ability to stay on top of maintenance dwindles, and/or you were handed down a house that you want nothing to do with. These are just some examples where we offer a solution to get you out of the situation you don’t want to be in. What we offer is the flexibility to have different options to help you move on into the future without the headache holding you back.

Marty Morrison (Owner/Operator)

Marty has been involved in real estate investing since 2016. He enjoys the challenge of thinking outside the box to come up with a plan to solve a problem. Property Bridge Solutions gives him a platform to help people figure out what is best for them and also offers solutions to help them get out of the unwanted situation they are in. He takes pride in having the ability in helping people out and wants what is best for them.

Katie Walz (Owner/Marketing)

Katie became interested in real estate investing after operating a small daycare business. She enjoys the non-stop learning, challenges, and new opportunities in real estate investing. However, her true motivation comes from a personal experience when her husband and she found themselves in a position of needing to sell their home fast. This came during the height of the real estate crash of 2008/2009. With no other options available, they went through the process of a short sale that left a mark on their credit history for quite a long time. Looking back, she wished there were other options available, such as one that Property Bridge Solutions offered.

We Are Motivated Home Buyers Who Stand By Their Word.

Locally Owned

Family Oriented

Solution Based

Value Educating
Over Selling

Build Relationships
On Trust

We Enjoy
Giving Back

We are here to help you sell your house fast. Contact us to find out how we can buy your house with cash (no obligations) and get you moving in the right direction. If you are thinking about selling, why not listen to what we have to say? You may find out that we are your best option!


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