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My House is a Mess, I Need To Sell My House Fast Omaha!

True on how we can help people in situations where they have nowhere else to turn.

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email notifying me that someone had submitted a form through our website. As you may know, our website has many options for users to submit their information if they are interested in selling their home. The form submission was standard, and I emailed the person back and called them to get more information from them. When I called, no one answered, and I didn’t get a reply on the email. I thought, well I will keep trying and see what happens. A couple days later, I was contacted by this person, and she wanted to sell her house fast.

Our company is here to help people out in situations that they really have nowhere else to turn. Jane (I will use this name as an alias) was in a situation where she needed to sell her house fast. Jane owned the house she was living in for 18 years. She had fallen on some hard times and was having a hard time making ends meet. She lived at this house by herself. January of this year (2024), Omaha had an awful cold snap where it was below zero for several hours with a wind chill that was even worse. Jane’s furnace went out and her homes inside temperature fell below freezing. Unfortunately, she had several water pipes freeze. When the temperature rose above freezing, her pipes thawed, and water began leaking in several areas. What a nightmare for Jane. She was able to shut the water off but most of the damage has been done.

Jane’s home is a split level, 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The pipes that had burst were on the main floor and were the pipes for the bathrooms and kitchen. Extensive damage had been done. Jane made an insurance claim, and a mitigation team came out and removed all her main floor flooring, any furniture that was wet and cut the drywall 2 feet up on every wall. This is done because drywall acts as a sponge in this situation and soaks water up. At this point, Jane had no water to her house, no heat because her furnace did not work and now her home was all torn up. She didn’t know where to turn.

Jane googled “sell my house fast Omaha” and came across our website. She liked what she saw and submitted a form. After making contact with Jane, I was able to come by her house and see the damage myself. Jane did receive some cash from her insurance company to repair the damage done by the water. The problem was though, she still needed to replace her furnace and had no money to make up her high deductible. She didn’t want to live in a construction site, nor did she want to try to come up with the money to cover the damage. She knew she had equity in her home and was ready to move out. She had a place to stay with her daughter and wanted out of this nightmare scenario fast.

After touring her house, I made Jane an offer. When I make an offer on your property in Omaha, I like to provide a transparent breakdown of the offer. This includes a detailed spreadsheet listing all necessary repairs and associated costs. Additionally, I outline the projected profit margin. The initial step involves evaluating similar properties in the area and analyzing recent sales data to determine the After Repair Value (ARV) accurately. Subtracting the repair expenses, profit margin, and holding costs from the ARV allows me to formulate a competitive offer. Rest assured, my approach is grounded in thorough research and fair assessment.

When I presented my offer to Jane, she was very happy to see the transparency and how I came up with the numbers. My offer made sense to her, and she was ready to accept. She understood the offer was lower than what she may have liked but what came with that offer is what made it worth it to her. Jane accepted the offer because she was able to sell her house as-is and she could have that nightmare out of her life in as little as 7 days. She also liked the fact that she could move what she wanted and leave what she didn’t which made moving so much easier. After she moved out, she told us thank you for making this process so easy! She couldn’t believe that selling my house fast in Omaha really was possible and was happy to work with Property Bridge Solutions!

Martin Morrison

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