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You have seen these signs around town, heard radio ads and seen television ads telling you we want to buy your house with cash. You may have even received a phone call or a text letting you know we are interested in making a cash offer on your home. You may ask yourself why do people think I am interested in selling my home? As a home buying company, we want to get the word out that we offer an option on selling your house and selling it fast!

We know we are not the option for everyone. Heck, we know we are not the option for most. The goal with our marketing is to get the word out to the people who may benefit from the service that we offer. Thats right, I said service. As a home buying company, we offer a service to people who are in a situation where they need out of their house. They need out fast! The traditional way of selling where you hire a real estate agent, show your house to multiple people and hope to get offers may not be the way for you. Oh yeah, there’s more. Don’t forget the home inspections, contingency financing and the closing date and costs. Let’s not forget about the repairs. Yeah, that’s right there are going to be repairs involved. Home inspections always show some kind of repairs needed for the closing to take place. Sometimes, there is no negotiating this. The repairs need to be done because the mortgage company is requiring it. Great, more money out of the profit of selling my home.

Let’s go back to service. Remember, I said most home buying companies offer a service. Well, the service we offer is to buy your house with cash, fast closing (or at your choosing), no financing contingencies, no closing costs, no showings, no repairs. I can go on and on. That’s why we are a service. You are interested in working with us because we offer a painless process to sell your house. We want to work with you and for you to. So yeah, we are a service business.

Like any business, we have to get the word out on the service we offer. We market our business to people we think may be interested. We will continue to call, text, send fliers out to explain our services. We want to make sure we get the word out to people so they know and understand they have another option when selling their home. You may have received a phone call or saw an ad and know we aren’t for you, but you have a friend or neighbor who you know is in a situation where they need to sell their house. Pass our information on to them. We understand that marketing can be annoying, or you are contacted at the wrong time. Just realize, these home buying companies are just trying to get the word out on the service their business offers.

Martin Morrison

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